Rider Positioning

We take a body first approach to bike fitting. Our process involves a full analysis of your body function and this drives the process of positioning the rider in the most efficient and comfortable position.

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FitFirst Protocol

See us first before you buy your next bike. Our FitFirst Protocol ensures your choice of bike will be the correct match for your body and the way it functions.

Don't make the expensive mistake of wasting money on the wrong bike for you.

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Frame matching

If you have more than one bike we can match the riding position on all your bikes so you can maximize your enjoyment.

If you're traveling with you bike we can create a set of measurements to make putting your bike back together a breeze.

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Custom Footbeds

Your foot is the power contact point to your bike. Our custom molded footbeds ensure you have maximum power transfer and comfort while you are on your bike.

We can also create custom footbeds for your running and dress shoes.

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