Our Approach

Our Approach

We take a movement first approach to rider positioning. This means we base-line how your body moves before we place you on the bike. If your body has some movement dysfunction off the bike, then it's going to have movement dysfunction on the bike.

Once we establish how your body functions, positioning you on your bike to match your body's function is the key to comfort, performance and more enjoyment riding your bike.

Our Story

Our Story

Greg's passion for bike fitting grew from his own misfortune.

Unable to ride a bike, walk or run following a back injury he sought out professionals to help address his issues. The answers he sought could not be found in the bike industry at the time, so he looked to the wider health community.

His journey took him both eastern and western medical professional, neurologists, kinesiologists, phycologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and some who's practice could not traditionally be described.

After 14 months of inactivity he returned to competition with a new appreciation of the human body and the many ways it can function.



About Las Vegas Bike Fit

Established by Greg Choat in 2008, Las Vegas Bike Fit is the premiere rider positioning service in Nevada.

We consider 'Bike Fit' in a more holistic manner because positioning a rider on a bike is just not about the size of the rider and the size of the bike. We consider Bike Fit to include all the aspect of riding a bike. How your body moves, how your physiology functions, how you perform as a cyclists.

We con't make a new you, but we can certainly help create a better version of the current you.


Greg Choat has been positioning cyclists since 1999. He has worked across all cycling disciplines and with all levels of cyclists, from first time bike buyers to Pro-Tour professional.

His approach to rider positioning utilizes his wide range of skills from kinesiology and physiology, combined with motor pattern development and strength & conditioning.

As a USA Cycling coach and certified skills instructor, Functional Movement Specialist and Precision Nutrition coach, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice.

PN Certified Coach 1