We specialize in Cycling and Triathlon training camps for amateur athletes looking to combine a vacation with quality training and coaching.

Our 7 day training camps not only give you the opportunity to create a quality block of training but also give you access to world class endurance coaches to enhance your understanding of your training needs.

European training camps are based on Italy's Adriatic coast and combine a great training environment with incredible hospitality, food and history.

Las Vegas based training camps take advantage of the great year-round weather in southern Nevada and resources of our home base.

Each camper will come away with not only improved performance but expanded knowledge of their sport and training requirements.

Camps are not just about putting in miles. The goal is to educate you in every aspect of your sport while creating a supportive and fun training environment.

How Long Until Italy Camp Starts ?

2020 Training Camp

What's included ?
Diner with local wine & water
Cyclists Buffet on return from the daily ride
Fruit & portables for your ride
Cycling kit laundry
Twinshare room with a sea view
Local guides
Training tips and nightly ride review
Exclusive Training Camp cycling kit
(jersey, bib & vest)

$2250 per person (twinshare)
(single occupancy on request + premium)

All this and USA Cycling Level 1 coach Greg Choat hosting and providing coaching on every ride.

Bring your own bike or chose to rent a high quality bikes from the hotels fleet of 80 bikes.

For more details about the camp please email

Do I Bring My Bike ?

You can bring your bike to camp. We have secure bike storage and a basic array of tools available at our hotel We also have a great relationship with some local bike stores and can arrange a high quality rental bike for the you. Depending on the bike you chose the cost is ~200 Euro for the week.

Do I Need to Be a Strong Rider to Attend Training Camp ?

This is always a tough question to answer. As in life, there is always someone richer and thinner than you. In cycling there is always someone stronger and faster than you.

We have designed Training Camp around cyclists who can average 2.5 W/kg during a 60 min FTP test. Not familiar with the FTP test ? Give us a call and we can chat.

Not familiar with W/kg ? A World Tour Professional will produce ~ 5.25W/kg, a high level Masters racer will produce ~4.0 W/kg.

If you’re not using a power meter we could look at avg. speed. Our group averages between 14-16 mph, each day is around 3-5 hours.

Why do we have a 2.5 W/kg goal ? This ensures the training group stays together over the duration of the ride and everyone gets the most out of each ride, each day.

If you are wondering if you will fit in the group, give us a call and we can talk about it.

Is Training Camp for Racers ?

No Training Camp is not designed around ‘Racers’ It is designed around those who enjoy the challenges that terrain and consecutive days of riding present.

How Much Riding Do You Do at Camp ?

How much you ride really depends on you. the goal of Training Camp is to have a concentrated block of riding to help boost your performance.

We ride every day. Somewhere between 3-6 hours. Over the week you can expect to ride around 24-30 hours. It may seem like a lot but when you have nothing else to do other than ride, recovery and fuel yourself you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

We recommend training before camp to help get the most out of the experience.

Walled cities dot the countryside
Revenna on the Adriatic coast.
The principality of San Marino.